Did you know readers will exit your website within 8 seconds if you don't grab their attention? Even if you do grab their attention, they won't stay much longer if they don't truly connect with your message. 

the peach + the pit

The world has become predominately digital and it's easy to craft your own digi-home online. Personality-based brands are popping up like dandelions in the spring. It's beautiful. 

At the same time, people want to connect with people. We crave it these days. That's why it is soooooo important for your website to speak the frequency of YOU... and make it quick. 

you have choices

You can spend thousands on a designer and developer. And I mean thousands because they are typically not one in the same.  Then you can hope that they get you and deliver. Ahhh, that hope.  

But wait! You're just starting out so you don't have thousands of dollars to spend on a website. Not even on a good day.  So you're going to do it yourself, right?  Have no clue where to start?  That's totally cool because I have a treat for you!

meet my fellow legendary, camper, and bra snapper....

Sarah Hart is the creator of  an amazing course that helped me go from Brandy? Who? to Brandy's Digital Palace.  Then she helped me go from website shame to website DIY gangsta.  I know. I know. The hell you say! Here's how I did it.



The Brand Mapping Method is truly a gift you should give yourself.  I enrolled and never looked back. Check it out>>> Then come back because I have a gift for you!

can i confess?

I had been working on my website for almost 2 years before I enrolled in Sarah's course.  2 years!!!!  Why so long?  So glad you ask.  Well, I got screwed by a so-called designer/developer. But that's a story for another day. Then came the trust issues so I was determined to do it myself. Which meant a ton of research along with trial and error.  I didn't know what hell I was doing!  I certainly didn't realize how to put all my Left_Brain branding know-how to use for the design part.  The Right-Brain creative stuff was much more fun and things went off the rails very quickly.

it's all good though...

Because I FINALLY created a website I love! The very best part is that it only costs me maybe $400 a year to maintain it. Yep. You read that right. $400. Maybe. #goals

You can do it. It's all about choices and I want you to make the very best decision. I want you share your message and gifts.  I want you to connect with people on a deeper level.  Your time is finite. Precious. I don't want you to waste anymore of it.