I am far from the sweet girl next door but more approachable than a grizzly. After more than a decade of working in social services, I decided my superpowers would better serve those who give so much in service to others. People who don't keep anything for themselves. 

I'm a trained holistic life coach (who's not a coach) thanks to Radiant Health Institute. I currently support everyday superheroes and visionary entrepreneurs in discovering their own superpowers. I help them state the vision and make it plain + employ a framework of strategic systems and evaluations that help them realize their life vision.  

I'm Chief of Moxie at Blu Ambition and founder of The Forward Hustle Project (coming soon to a website near you).  I got mad clarity of my own when I authored a chapter for Radiant Careers, Radiant Health Institute’s third anthology. I had the honor and privilege of being featured on Waking Up In America, an inspiring web show hosted by Tajci Cameron.  She wrote a lovely Huffington Post article for that interview, and has since published Turning Points: A Collection of Essays and Interviews.  You may find your favorite zombie-loving strategist somewhere 'round chapter 8.

"brandy’s excitement and enthusiasm is contagious. i know when she has thoughts to share it's wise to pay attention, as I probably need to hear what she has to say."

Sarah Ballard, LMSW, MPA

I love spending time with my little family and my mischievous cat keeps me from ever feeling lonely. I enjoy traveling, singing, and dancing. I need to make more time to read instead of binge watching zombie and crime shows. Reality shows are my guilty pleasure because human behavior intrigues me. Fact is truly stranger than fiction. Unless you’re watching Scandal. It’s delightfully strange.

I suffer from random bursts of kindness + craftiness. Sometimes the affliction is the cure. I won a public speaking award once upon a time. Can you believe they give out trophies for that? I think authenticity is sexy and I try to be bold at least once a day. When I'm not down the rabbit hole, you can find me watching The Walking Dead + Criminal Minds or indulging in anything involving peanut butter.

i’m not big on social media these days, but you are more than welcome to follow me at your favorite social watering hole...