When you tap into your fearless maven, you uncover your very best self. The self you imagined doing a great many things back when you were making mud pies in the backyard or having adventures on your bike.  You'll reveal those strengths that will make your vision come to life.  You can then become aware of how they are uniquely suited for you and the best way to use them.  Think Thor's hammer. These are your superpowers.


A clear life vision is your guiding light and navigational system. This is your desired result. When this crazy trip called life is all said and done, how will that story read?  What does that photo album look like? Yeh, people still make those. What memories will come flooding back to you and will they light you up?  A well thought out vision will do that for you.  A great one touches all major life areas and leaves room for magical surprise.


Plot your course.  Once you've uncloaked your inner road warrior and determined where you want to go, you must have a plan for how you're going to get there. A great road map is structured based on your vision and lends to the best usage your superpowers. This strategy will keep you laser focused and ensure your needs stay on the top of the pile. When your needs stay at the top of the pile, you feel better.  You do better.  Give better.  Then you live better.