the strategy intensive

The Strategy Intensive is designed to help you lay the groundwork for restructuring your personal ecosystem. We'll discuss where you are now in all major life areas. After determining and dissecting the barriers keeping you from realizing your vision for each system, we can customize a framework that will minimize roadblocks and keep you focused on action. Using the information provided on your pre-session inventory and the results of our live session, I will work with you to develop an action plan targeting the most pressing needs in your life's ecosystem. 

each strategy intensive includes...


weekly Digital support

via your own private dashboard that acts as a double agent because you can manage your entire life their too.

live video conference

60 whole minutes of raw limit busting + sweet soul kindling + sacred synergy via Skype. All the crazy ideas. Out loud.

personalized strategy guide

full of recommendations, resources, and action prompts to support your new found momentum.


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